Client Review

Review from Teresa Smith, Landscape Artist, San Juan Island WA

Colleen has been a huge help in my business.

 She is extremely energetic and positive. 
 Lots of innovative ideas and creative thinking.

Some of her strong points are: Social Media and Blog Posts;
She taught me how to schedule posts and what days
and times my posts should be.
She also made suggestions about what topics to blog,
length and when and how they should be posted.

Several full pages on my website were written by Colleen. 
I, of course, added my own touches,
but she ‘gets’ what my style is.

My business website is built on the WordPress platform. 
She made numerous improvements on the index page
and other pages in regard to SEO.
She wrote language to entice clients to join my email list. 
In the products area, she writes descriptions,
places keywords, key phrases,
and tags to improve search engine results. 

My Pinterest account is moving up in followers,
shares and re-pins. Colleen has created many
‘Boards’ appropriate to my business
and keeps them up almost daily.

Social Media Professional Review from Teresa Smith Landscape Artists