Search Engine Marketing or SEM – Marketing VS Optimizing

First of all, what is the difference between Search Engine Marketing – SEM and Search Engine Optimization SEO?

Unlike SEO, Search Engine Marketing or SEM uses other websites to advertise your company’s website and send them to your website via a link. An ad on the right website can funnel potential clients to your (great looking, user friendly, SEO’d) website. This  is today’s way of doing business.

Optimizing or Search Engine Optimization has to do with the website itself. SEO makes is easy for the search ENGINES to find the site.

Placing ads where they will not only be seen, but seen by the right audience takes time, research, experience and ingenuity. That is why a company needs a professional Search Engine Marketer.

Selecting just the right types of online marketing can make an enormous difference. This is what Search Engine Marketing involves:

  • Evaluating locations for the marketing in the form of ads
  • Determining the appropriate size of the ad
  • Calculating how much to spend on each location
  • Assessing  when to start and when to stop the ad
  • Gauging where to spend advertising dollars and how much to spend on the type of ad can make or break a business’s bottom line.

Having owned a very successful tourism business myself and spending over $110,000 a year on advertising – I know firsthand how important an adequate advertising budget means.

And more importantly, I know how to ferret out the best place to put those advertising dollars for a high return on investment.

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