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Social Media Marketing – What is it?

Defining Social Media

First, let me start with ‘What Is Social Media?’ Social media is a window into your business’ world for your customers. Most noteworthy are; Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor. There are many more, but I consider them less important, at this moment. Potential guests coming to one of these sites are catcha 30 second snapshot. That snapshot is what’s new, what’s hot, what to look forward to and why they should buy from you.

Why does your business need Social Media?

Social Media portals allow individuals and businesses to interact with one another. This is conducive to build relationships and communities online. Social Media networking is the ‘word of mouth’ of today. 

Defining Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the use of online media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. to market a product or service. Social media marketing is a type of advertising – without paying for ads.

This type of online marketing can attract (potential) customers, (potential) employees, journalists, bloggers, and the general public.

Social media marketing includes the management, implementation, governance, and scope of a firm’s desired social media culture.

Interesting copy, photos, videos, updates, and instruction are some of the ingredients of great Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing, when done correctly, can incorporate user-generated content. It can draw in hundreds, even thousands of potential clients. As a result of good Social Media Marketing, information about the product or service is easily spread. It then is often times repeated via forwarding and retweeting. More traffic is brought to the product and or company.

Another Benefit of Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing strategy can also assist with search engine ranking – if done correctly.
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites have somewhat taken over the place of the “chat over the neighbors fence” of yesteryear.

People want to know about your company. You want people talking about your company. That is why these social media sites are extremely important and require professional planning. In addition it is critical that these social media sites have exciting graphics, great photos and a strategy. More visitor interaction can lead to higher search engine ranking. Search Engine algorithms are increasingly using signals from social media in their result pages.

What I Can Do For Your Company
After learning about your business and your clients, I will set up a schedule. The schedule will outline when, how much and what type of content to place into your social site. This may be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. I will define the types of material that should go into these for your specific type of client. I will set up and maintain or assist with the maintenance of your social media sites.

The design will be bold, professional and give a distinctive look to your Twitter, Facebook, TripAdvisor or any other social media site that your company uses.

It bears repeating: Anything that is seen by potential clients or guests should look professionally done.

Small business owners can be overwhelmed by the day to day responsibilities of running the company and can often neglect this very important part of the marketing strategy. An unprofessional looking social campaign can actually detract from an otherwise first-class marketing effort.

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